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Langholm Town Band won the 3rd section prize at the Borders Entertainment Contest on Saturday 2nd November for the 4th consecutive time and also won the Deportment Prize for the best turned out and drilled band for the 3rd consecutive time. The band travelled to Kelso to the competition on Saturday morning and played band number 9.

Under the baton of their Musical Director Chris Shanks they played 2001 A Space Odyssey, Starburst, You Love Me (Horn Solo played by Melvyn Shanks) and finished off with Horizons. The bands programme was themed as a tribute to Neil Armstrong’s link to Langholm and the 50 years anniversary of the moon landings. Adjudicators Paul Drury and Derek Broadbent judged each band and awarded various prizes.  Head judge Paul Drury’s closing comments were ‘A programme that was always exciting a really good show well done.  The music was always exciting and you told a story and that’s what music is all about so for that I am grateful.  Really enjoyed your performance.  He also commented that it was great to see so many youngsters playing in the band and that we were very smart and well drilled in deportment’. Jedforest band were also another Border band in the prizes by winning the Entertainment Prize, Highest Placed Borders Band and Best Soloist prize won by Fiona Neary with her xylophone solo.  Peebles Burgh Band also won the best 4th section band.

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