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COVID-19 - Borders Entertainment Contest 2020 Cancelled

The latest Scottish brass band event to fall victim to the current COVID-19 is the Borders Entertainment Contest (BEC) which was due to take place on Saturday 7 November.

Scott Renwick, president of the Scottish Borders Brass Band Association, explained: “It is with great disappointment that SBBBA have taken the decision to cancel the Borders Entertainment Contest for this year.

“Obviously, COVID-19 has made it impossible to stage this event which was due to take place in the Buccleuch Centre, Langholm. Unfortunately the BEC has become another banding event/contest to suffer at the hands of this hard-hitting virus.

“Cancelling events may perhaps be seen an easy(ish) thing to do at the moment but not getting to play as a brass band, meet your fellow musicians, and practice and play with your pals is a much tougher situation.”

The BEC is the only annual event/contest that SBBBA organise for senior bands. After taking Scottish Government recommendations into consideration, the association had no other choice than to cancel the event in order to safeguard everyone involved with staging and performing at the contest.

“SBBBA hope that all our local bands and friends from further a field, who return to the Borders each year to support our contest, are physically and mentally safe and well during this crazy time,” Scott added. “Fingers crossed we will see you all in Langholm on 6 November next year for the BEC 2021. In the meantime, stay safe.”

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